WHY was my offer so LOW?!?

So here’s the deal:  Sometimes we get people who are very upset with us because they got an offer that was way lower than they expected.   When this happens, it always has us questioning ourselves as to why we even sent them an offer in the first place.   The last thing we want to do is upset somebody, and we certainly do not want a negative reputation either.

If you received an offer from us, and, it was much lower than expected… to the extent that you took it personal, then I, as the original owner, want to apologize to you. Please do not take it personal.

On the same token, I also want to say that I also understand.  You see, to us, we do this for a living.  After buying hundreds of houses over the years, and after looking at numerous properties weekly and even daily, we tend to think of properties as just big boxes…. 4 walls and a roof.  They all start looking the same eventually.

But to you, as the owner, it is much more than that.  It is probably the single biggest purchase of your lifetime, and, there are personal ties to the property.  To us, its a property. To you, it could be a home.

I know my wife and I look at our first home and have emotional ties to it.  We have memories with that home.

As an investment company (as with any kind of business), we have to realize a profit.  In order to make a profit, we have to be able to find properties that we can buy at a discount.

Now, if you’re reading this, I realize that you already know this.  But, I am however wondering if you are doing some research and seeing if contacting us (or any other investor for that matter) is worth it to you.

So here is a list of reasons when it makes sense to sell to a real estate investor, as well as when it does not make sense to.   I hope this helps, and enjoy 😉

Top 3 reasons you DO NOT need to try to sell to an investor: 

  • You have a pretty house, that is updated and needs no repairs (because you can sell for top dollar and a family would want to buy it from you)
  • You have plenty of time to clean it, show it, etc…  (you are not in a hurry, and have no deadline you are needing to beat)
  • You want to sell, but, you do not need to sell. (there is no distress with the property, or with your life)

If you fall into this category then we simply cannot bring any value to you.  Our offer would be too low and you do not need us.  I would suggest using a good real estate agent to sell your house and get top dollar for it.   (I do not mind recommending a good agent if you don’t know one.  Please just let us know! ) 

Top 3 reasons you CAN BENEFIT from selling to an investor:

  • Your house needs repairs, and/or updating because nothing has been updated in a long time (occupant buyers like things to feel new, clean, updated, etc… because most do not have the money or the time to fix it up)
  • You need to sell it quickly, hassle-free, and EASILY.  (You are willing to sell at a discount in exchange for the convenience of getting it sold)
  • You NEED to sell.  (Either the property is in rough shape, or it is sitting vacant, or you have some kind of personal issue you need resolved and the house/property is a problem.)

Selling your property to an investor can be compared to trading your car in to a dealer when buying another one.  You know you are not getting top dollar for your trade-in, but the fact that it is not in the best shape, and, the convenience of selling it straight to the dealer brings you enough value that it makes sense for you to do so.  

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