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How to Sell house in Probate in Arkansas


One of the areas that we specialize in is:  buying properties that are in Probate.
The probate process can be somewhat challenging for owners that have inherited property, and each individual case can be special with its own obstacles.

Some of these challenges may include:

-The process of going through the court system
-Satisfying all heirs,
-Managing and handling the belongings in the house,
-The needed repairs with inherited property (very common),
-The judge’s orders involving appraisals or BPO’s,
-and more!

We have plenty of experience working with this scenarios and we have great attorneys that we work with in these cases.

We can actually make an offer and assist in the entire probate process, through the court system and all!    Here are just a couple of examples of properties in Probate that we have purchased :

Sarah lived out of the area and was very busy, but had a fixer upper property that she had inherited.  She was hesitant on taking the first step in the process, and, understandably, it was an emotional thing for her.  We walked her through the process and closed the transaction, allowing her to do as little as possible on her end.

Another example was Ms. McCoy.  Ms McCoy wanted her transaction to be private (although she was so nice enough to allow us to use her name in her testimonial statement to us). Again, she wanted things to be easy and simple and not have to deal with a lot on her part.  We did the best we could, satisfied her wishes, and bought the house.

If you have a property in Probate give us a call.  We will help you, whether we buy the house or not.   We understand that it can be a difficult process to go through.

God Bless

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