“We buy houses” people in Little Rock AR

Why are there so many “we buy houses ” signs and messages around town ?  Who are these people ?  Is it a scam or is it legitimate ?

I started buying houses in the Little Rock area in 2011, and since that time have seen many others join the industry.  This is especially true in the last few recent years.

As a full time real estate buyer, here is the inside scoop :

Some are real, some are not.

There are many “flippers” that buy houses and resale quickly to others.   We actually do this ourselves sometimes.  We buy houses that we keep for long term investments, and we also buy them and sell them quickly to someone else .    However there are some who never keep the house, nor even buy it themselves.    These are the ones who actually call us to see if we want to buy it.

Basically, as a seller, you want to do some due diligence when deciding who to sell to.

The easiest and best way to do this is simply this :   *Ask the prospective buyer how many properties they have bought this year, and, if you can speak with their title company.

Our answer is this :  ” We’ve bought a lot.  And absolutely…  here is our title company’s name and phone number.  Want their email as well?”

If your prospective buyer says anything other than this, you may want to think hard about whether they are legitimate or not.

The last thing you want to do is enter into a sales contract with someone who cannot perform on the purchase, or, wastes your time while your house is still sitting there costing you money.

I hope this helps .

As always, God Bless

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