About Us

The primary reason we have been so successful in Little Rock is because we have surrounded ourselves with an amazing team of professionals in the Little Rock, AR area.  These include real estate agents, private investor partners, contractors, attorneys, closing agents, property managers, and other professionals

If you need to sell your property, we would love to be given the chance to speak with you and see if we can make an offer.  We buy properties all over Little Rock, but also other parts of the state as well.  Because we have such a great network, we can buy single family homes, apartments, duplexes, raw land, commercial, mobile homes, etc..  We can buy large portfolios of investment property or we can buy small lots or parcels… price range doesn’t matter.

Here’s what Michelle P. from Little Rock had to say:  “I appreciated working with Justin and his team.  He showed an interest in our property at a time we when we were unable to make improvements on the property.  He purchased the house as is, giving us a fair price.  He waited as we went through probate and helped us through other obstacles to make the sale a reality.  I would recommend his company to others.”

Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about us, and hopefully we’ll be in touch soon.

The Acquisitions Team
Upward House Buyers LLC

A Bit About Us

Have you watched these shows on HGTV with the ‘flippers’ and rehabbers?  Even though most of that stuff isn’t that realistic, we would probably fall into that category of businesses.  We’re always looking for good deals that we can purchase of course, but we are also able to offer premium prices through our long term buy and hold program.  Our favorite thing to do once we purchase a property is to offer it for resale through our owner financing program.   We work with private investors who partner with us in purchasing properties, which allows us to have plenty of capital to purchase and rehabilitate them.

Our Team

Justin Family Pic
Justin Patterson grew up in Bryant, AR, and still lives in Saline County.  He has been investing since 2011, and has either purchased or lease-held over 250 properties since.  He is happily married and has 3 children.  He loves his serving at his church, playing guitar, football, and most anything outdoors.  Justin enjoys learning about real estate and investing and teaching others.


Chris Kelly is one of Justin’s primary partners.  Chris also invests in raw land throughout the country, as well as locally.   He has a 12 year old daughter, and loves spending time with his family.  He is an avid sports fan and likes to read books that will help him improve as an individual.  Chris has extensive experience in networking and customer relations,  and has a vast knowledge in real estate and real estate investments.



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The Upward Mission

Upward Mission ImageWe need your help!  By both investing in and being involved in our community, our company has set a vision for what we aim to accomplish and contribute.

By December 1, 2019, Upward House Buyers LLC is focused on achieving the following:

Get 40 properties out of bank foreclosure or being lost from back-liens or tax auctions.

Offer 40 properties with owner financing, to those that need flexibility in order to buy a home or property.

Donate $40,000 towards charitable organizations that make a difference here locally in the Little Rock, AR region.

Do you have anything you can offer to help us achieve our mission?

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