If you’re a sales person whose looking for an opportunity, then we need to talk!

For the last 4 years, our real estate investment company has averaged over 50 properties per year, bought and sold.  Well, we are still growing and at the time of this writing, we’ll probably end up at 60+ for 2019.

And after several years of perfecting the ability to buy properties… we really need help re-selling them!!

This picture was taken recently, and shows 17 properties (our most at one time) available to either sell or getting very close to being able to.

My question is:  How would YOU like to be THE person that sells every single one of them??

So here’s the deal: we want a person to work exclusively for us as our sales person!! (selling our properties) 

We are looking for the perfect fit for our small core team, who will join us as a team member and work with us towards a common goal.

We have a proven system and a track record, and we want someone who is like-minded that will transition into our world and work beside us in order to make us all better.

You will never have to look for inventory again.  We have that covered.

Not a licensed agent?  That is fine. If you are the right fit, we can get you licensed.   Here’s what you’d be doing:

  • Answering the phone from prospective buyers, prescreening , building a BUYERS LIST.   **This is key
  • Blasting out our properties to our buyers list
  • Listing our properties on the MLS, working with real estate agents and their buyers
  • Bringing us offers and getting the buyer SOLD and closed.
  • Assisting with the closing process, which is mostly at the title company.

That’s a quick overview.   You will NOT be driving people around showing them properties, dealing with all the common issues of traditional real estate and closings, etc…

Our processes are much much simpler.  We typically deal with cash buyers and investors, so our closings are way easier.   (And yes, of course we’ll have the occasional flip we’ll offer to retail buyers as well.)

Here’s a few more things to help explain the position and with working with us:

  • We own our properties.  We buy them quickly and then offer them back for sale as fast as possible
  • One of our primary buyer groups are landlords. Having knowledge in rentals and being passionate about others buying investment properties is important.
  • You can work from home, no problem. But you’ll be working close with us when starting out to get a handle on things.  AND, we always meet with each other regularly to maintain synergy and momentum.
  • You do not need real estate experience, although it would be helpful.  If you don’t have experience but love to talk to people and sell, don’t count yourself out.
  • You DO need a real estate license. The local commission wants any sales person with real estate to be licensed.  Don’t worry… we’ll get it worked out.
  • And yes, you genuinely need to love to sell.  You’ll be talking with people every day about houses and properties.  You need to enjoy talking with people, and talking on the phone a lot. If you don’t, then you won’t like doing this.
  • Are you ‘technically challenged’ ?  Sorry to be this way, but just move on now.  We stay up to date on all the awesome tools to help us be more efficient. You need to easily be able to learn apps, mobile apps, email stuff, etc… Its about being efficient with our time and making things easier.
  • Its a commission only based position.  You get paid off of each sale you make, and the more we produce together, the more we’ll make.  If this doesn’t excite you, then its not for you. 


If you feel that you are the right person for the role, and you think you’d fit in well with our team, here’s what to do to apply:

1) Create a cover letter telling us why you think you’d be a good fit
2) Attach the cover letter to your resume, and upload as an attachment in the application form, in PDF format.
3) Tell us your income / salary history… what you’ve been used to making.  You can do this in the comment section of the application…

Thats it!  Thank you so much for the interest.

PS If the application doesn’t appear for you then there should be a link for you to click that states ‘please fill out the form’.




Please fill out the form

If you have not heard of us and want to check us out a little before applying, save this link to come back to the app: